Find answers to the most commonly asked questions below, and decide for yourself if our service is right for you.

In any endeavor, experience is valuable. While we’d like for you to have a general knowledge of the options market and terminology, no specific experience or qualifications are required. You will be leveraging our experience in this program, which we hope you find both profitable and insightful.

As an Avonko Member, you will receive daily trade blotters (professional trade notifications). On an as-needed basis, you will receive rebalance notifications alerting you that professionals are adjusting trades from previous recommendations. And last but not least, Avonko Members receive a weekly newsletter detailing our insights from the Market Making side of the industry.

Trades are executed by Avonko Members through their own brokerage accounts. To get the most of the Avonko recommendations, you should have Options Level 3 clearance, though Level 2 will suffice with minor adjustments to trades. We are more than happy to recommend brokerage accounts or help you obtain the required clearance.

NO, this is not insider trading. Your recommendations come directly from top level active professionals, but every trade alert is based upon information that is technically public, and no trade recommendations will ever explicitly be made in advance of any pending orders before they reach the market.

Our daily blotters will include – when relevant – alerts to close open trades from previous recommendations, when conditions reduce the risk/reward profile of the open trade or the initiating fund acts to close or rebalance.

Sometimes trades require closing or rebalancing now. Avonko Real-Time Risk Alerts come as-needed, often intraday, with high importance, to alert you that a trade you may have opened is being hedged, closed or rebalanced by the respective hedge fund managing that same trade institutionally. These ensure you get the most timely warnings to protect your gains and avoid high risk market conditions.

At the moment, we only recommend trades in the deepest most liquid (safe) market for execution – the S&P 500 Index. Within this framework, you are free to choose the relevant class of option that suits your needs (SPX, SPY, XSP, SP, ES, etc). The reasons for this are many, but ultimately it comes down to safety and predictability – and taking advantage of institutional interest. Single stocks or smaller indexes are inherently less consistent and we strive to minimize your variance and optimize your returns.

While our strategies consistently yield excellent returns, trading and speculation are inherently risky and of course results are never guaranteed. We strongly caution against engaging with anyone who guarantees returns. Please see our risk disclaimer or contact us if you have questions on this matter.

Alerts are sent daily via secure PDF to the Member’s email address on file, and every member has a unique login with which they can enter the website and download any particular day’s alerts. Avonko Real Time Risk Alerts are emails sent with high importance, or SMS text alerts sent to the Member’s mobile phone, signaling that an adjustment to the trade is recommended.

We recommend starting with a minimum of $5000 to take advantage of the trade alerts, to allow yourself the flexibility of rebalancing, and to minimize the transaction cost of risk. We can, however, show you how you can implement the exact same trades on an opening account balance of $500.

You should be able to implement the trades suggested in no more than a few minutes each day. The trade recommendations will be direct, clear, and not require frequent monitoring. We will alert you when your trade needs attention.

Avonko Members have direct access to our traders, who can help with any questions you may have – from understanding trades to executing and closing them.