How Often Are You Doubling Your Account?

We are here to level the playing field.

At Avonko, we are committed to one thing – your returns. We are here to increase them.

Trading these markets can be perilous. In this environment, even the best traders struggle to find an edge.

We are your edge.

We will not waste your time or ours with should-work theories or untested trade ideas. Success demands action. You need daily directives: Trade structure. Timing. Risk alerts. Ours are straight from the most successful players in the industry. And we leave nothing to chance.

Who Are We?

We live and breathe these markets.

Professionally, we are entrenched in trading at the highest institutional levels. Avonko’s senior strategist brings over 20,000 hours of experience as a top-tier leading index derivatives market maker. We’ve seen it all. We’ve managed massive derivatives books and teams of traders through the extreme swings of global markets.

From the epicenter of the world’s largest derivatives markets, we battle daily with the best performing funds in the world.

We are here to give you their playbook.

Trade Like the Pros

Come inside and profit from the same exact trades implemented by the most consistent and lucrative Hedge Funds and RIAs in the industry.

Actionable Directives

Leave nothing to chance. Our daily directives read like a recipe. All you need to do is follow the instructions. No ambiguity – just action.

Leverage Our Expertise

Avonko Members have the Market Maker Advantage. You’ll benefit from years of high level experience managing complex derivatives portfolios.

Incredible Returns

Our trades are among the highest yielding in the industry. From the top funds, we deliver what works in this environment and adapt as it evolves.

Protect Your Gains

Real-Time Risk Alerts tell you exactly when the pros are heading for the sidelines. No guessing. We walk you through it. Ignore at your own risk.

Access to Experts

Pick the brains of top practicing professionals. We open our experience up to Avonko Members. Want to know what it’s like on the inside? Just ask.


You need to have a general knowledge of derivatives markets, be cleared to trade options, and have a high growth objective for your portfolio.